To be successful, nonprofits need to build strong relationships with supporters and the community. However, without strong, thoughtful and compelling communications and marketing, those connections are easily broken … or perhaps even forged in the first place.

With more than 15 years of experience working with and for nonprofits, I know how important marketing, communications and digital media are. But I also know that they frequently take a back seat to the core work of the organization or are delegated to staff who may not have the time, experience or resources.

Your organization does important work.
Let’s work together to tell the world about it.

I have helped organizations build and execute successful integrated communications and marketing plans for their organizations, including donor outreach, relations and fundraising campaigns; event marketing and management; public relations; digital media; stakeholder communications; and more. I have also helped organizations identify their strengths and weaknesses and overcome inefficiencies in the communications and marketing to better leverage their time and budget resources.

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