About Amanda

Words have long been a passion for me and that passion is deeply rooted in the desire to learn and do more. I remember way back to the first grade when my teacher placed me in the middle-level reading group … and not liking it one bit. I remember writing journals — journals! in cursive! with words like “temperature” — in the second grade. And I vividly recall my third-grade teacher telling me I couldn’t read “Queen for a Day” because it had “chapters.” It turned out to be a pretty good and fast read, even at the tender age of 8.

All those experiences (and plenty more) fueled my fire to become a professional writer, even before I knew people made a living of it. I began writing for my hometown newspaper while still in high school and turned to freelancing in college. I’ve worked as a niche publications editor, helmed a B2B magazine, and written countless articles for local, regional and national print and online publications. Writing, much like reading, is the perfect opportunity to learn and explore other facets of life and living.

It’s a way to preserve ideas and stories in the fleeting presence of today.

My web and print experience has spiraled down paths I never thought possible while sitting in the hot newsroom of my hometown over a decade ago. From resumes and cover letters, to indexing entire publications to designing logos and newsletter, freelancing has provided me with unique opportunities to expand my field of knowledge, learn new skills and network with amazing variety of clients, writers, editors and more. Each one has had an indelible mark on me as a person, a thinker and a doer, and for that (and those dreadful elementary school teachers, I suppose) I am grateful.